Wally Mock's home in Port Kent, New York
    	and Freida's first home in Willsboro, New York

This is the house that Capt. Wally built in Port Kent, New York and where I was born March 6, 1930.

Freida and I moved into our first home in Willsboro, New York in 1953.

Harold and Freida's home in Shelburne, Vermont Harold
  		and Freida's pool party

We moved to Shelburne, Vermont in 1965. This was our front yard in the winter time.

And this was our backyard in the summer time.

Harold and Freida's travel trailer
Harold and Freida's Park model camper in Apple Tree Bay, South Hero, Vermont

Around 1985 we decided to try camping. From our home in Shelburne we traveled around the New England states and after retiring from IBM took it to Florida for the winter.

After returning from our winter in Florida we traded the trailor for this Park model camper.We had sold our house in Shelburne and bought a home in Orange City, Florida.

Harold and Freida's home in Orange City, Florida

Harold and Freida's Condo in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina

We spent summers in Apple Tree Bay campground and winters in Florida for the next 3 years and then sold the camper and lived in Florida full time.

After 17 years in Florida we moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. We quickly discovered we were not condo people and after 6 months sold the condo and bought a house.

  		and Freida's Home in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina

We moved into our new home in May, 2006. My lawn tractor makes short work of mowing the lawn. The inground irrigation system keeps the flowers and lawn healthy.

You can follow the progress from the empty lot to finish of our present home