William Arthur Mock   --Parents
  BORN July 15, 1932


Alcia Lee
  DIED Dec 5, 2012


Judith L. Mock
  BORN November 15, 1955

Lorraine Kim Mock(Lorrie)
  BORN Febuary 26, 1956

William Lee Mock
  BORN November 1, 1958

Robert Scott Mock
  BORN December 16, 1963

Stephen Wallace Mock
  BORN Febuary 28,1964

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Harold James Mock Born 1906
James Wallace Mock Born 1879
Joseph V Mock Born 1858
Joseph Mock Jr. Born 1817
Joseph Mock Sr. Born 1767
Johannes Valentine Mock Born 1736
Johann Georg Mack Born 1685
Jacob Mack Born 1645
Hanns Mack Born 1594
Hanns Mack
Michael Mack Born 1540

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Van Note Jaquish 'Finn' Born 1912
John Jaquish
John Jaquish

Bill received this award on 10/6/1971

Bill received this award on 11/3/1971

Bill improving the landscape on Begg's Point, Essex New York.


Bill and Alcia Mock

Bill and Alcia Mock. Picture was probably
taken about 1955.

Bill and Alcia's 5 children

The children of Bill and Alcia from left to right--Bobby, Judy, Steve, Billy and Lorrie