Michael Wallace Mock  --Parents
  BORN January 23, 1956

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Harold Wallace Mock Born 1930
Harold James Mock Born 1906
James Wallace Mock Born 1879
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1858
Joseph Mock Jr. Born 1817
Joseph Mock Sr. Born 1767
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1736
Johann Georg Mack Born 1685
Jacob Mack Born 1645
Hanns Mack Born 1594
Hanns Mack
Michael Mack Born 1540

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Van Note Jaquish (Finn) Born 1912
John Jaquish II
John Jaquish I

Mike taking pictures in the mountains of Vermont

Mike on a picture taking safari in the mountains of Vermont.

Mike and Ginny

Mike , probably around 15 or 16 with sister Ginny.

Mike at the Sandbar campground 2003

Mike enjoying a Department picnic at the Sandbar State Park in Vermont. 2003 .