To the Hon'l. Board of Commissioners appointed by the Act of Parliament
      to inquire into the losses and services of all such persons who may have
      suffered in their right properties and possessions during the unhappy
      dissention in North America in consequence of their loyalty to his
      Majesty and attachment to British Government.----

      The Memorial of John Mock formerly of the county of Albany Province of
      New York but now and since the year of our Lord 1777 in Canada, and since
      that time a soldier in the King's Loyal Rangers commanded by Edward Jessup,
      Major and Commandant.
      That the losses sustained by your Memorialist in consequence of the (),
      amounts to the sum of Nine Hundred Fifty One pounds, nine shillings and
      four pence New York Currency according to the following Particulars which
      he hereby claims, prays may be allowed to him. Viz:

      One farm or lot of land                                   300.0.0
      by cash                                                    80.0.0
      225 bushels of wheat                                       70.0.0
      Wheat in the straw reckoned 300 bushels                   122.13.4
      Six horses                                                 36.0.0
      Four oxen                                                  40.0.0
      Four steers                                                16.0.0
      Two young steers                                            6.0.0
      Eight cows                                                 40.0.0
      Two heifers                                                 2.0.0
      Fifty two sheep..~                                         30.0.0
      Sixteen swine                                              12.16.0
      One wagon and harness                                      20.0.0
      Farming utensils                                           10.0.0
      Bedding, clothing and house furniture                     150.0.0
      Rye,Indian corn, Buckwheat and Oats                        15.0.0
                                                        L       951.9.4

      Names of the Evidences to Prove the within Account, Viz:

      Philip Derick
      Peter Ploss
      Christen Snider

      Caldwell's Manor, February 20, 1786 appeared before me, John Mock and
      declared on his oath that the within is a true account to the best
      of his knowledge.

                                        Henry Ruiter.  Justice of the Peace

                                                         June 22, (1786)

      Evidence on the Claim of John Mock late of New York.
      Claimant swears:

      Says he lived at St. Johns in the fall, 1783...sent a claim by Captain
      Leaks. he did not arrive in time.

      He is a native of Germany, came to America 20 years ago, settled near
      Albany when the troubles began. joined General Burgoyne at Fort Edward
      and served that campaign as a soldier. Was at Saratoga got away before
      Burgoyne, came here is now settled in Massisickay.

      Had a farm near Albany about 130 acres, he took it up and cleared it,
      at least 60 acres clear.A new framed house and buildings.

      It belonged to Ransellar who lived at Albany and had a large estate.
      His time for payment of rent money was just coming,he had no lease,would
      have had one if the troubles had not come on. Values it at 300 pounds.

      Ransellar now resides at Albany and has sold the lands that had belonged
      to the Tories. Had 6 horses,4 oxen, 4 steers,2 young steers, 2 heifers,
      54 sheep, 16 hogs furniture, utensils, wagon, 300 bushels of wheat in
      the chamber, 200 in straw taken by the Rebel Army when Burgoyne was taken.

      Philip Dayrick.. Sworn

      He knew claimant..he joined Burgoyne's Army and served the Campaign.
      He was always considered very loyal. Knew that he had a farm about
      9 or 19 miles from Albany. remembers him in (progress?) before the war.
      It was held of one Rancellor..there were fine improvements upon it..he
      would have sold the improvements..there was a new framed house and good
      buildings..he had cleared a fine piece of land. values it at about 300
      pounds York currency...

      He had a very large stock..all taken by the Rebels on account of claimant
      being a Tories.

                                                                  Philip Derick

      Source:   Public Archives of Canada
                A.O.                                        12, Series I,(MG 14)
               Vol.26,pp.304,305,306. Reel B....1161)