Johnnie Peter Mock  --Parents
  BORN July 31, 1952


Patricia Torey


Anthony Mock
  BORN April 29, 1978

Andrew Mock
  BORN September 8, 1980

  SPOUSE SECOND Febuary 12,1993

  Leanette Brown
    BORN September 7, 1961

Follow these links to your paternal ancestors

Harold Wallace Mock Born 1930
Harold James Mock Born 1906
James Wallace Mock Born 1879
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1858
Joseph Mock Jr. Born 1817
Joseph Mock Sr. Born 1767
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1736
Johann Georg Mack Born 1685
Jacob Mack Born 1645
Hanns Mack Born 1594
Hanns Mack
Michael Mack Born 1540

Follow these links to your maternal ancestors

Van Note Jaquish (Finn) Born 1912
John Jaquish II
John Jaquish I

Johnnie's boyhood pictures

Johnnie's first grade report card

Johnnie was better at  softball than he was at bowling

Johnnie, Patty,
      Tony and Andrew

This was Christmas 1983 for Johnnie, Patty, Anthony and Andrew.

      Patty, Tony and Andrew

Johnnie and Leanette soaking up some sunshine in the mountains of Vermont 2003