John Mock  --Parents


Mary Primmerman


Mock, Peter

Catherine Mock
  BORN; May 21, 1814

Christina Mock
  BORN; May 21, 1814

Elizabeth Mock
  BORN; about 1814
  DIED December 10, 1815

Hannah Marie Mock
  BORN; August 20, 1816

Magdalane Mock
  BORN; July 1, 1818

William Henry Mock
  BORN; August 3, 1822
  DIED August 29, 1850

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Mary married John Mock according to Ian R. Smith.,/P.


In "The Bockus Book" found in the Missisquoi Historical Society in East Stanbridge, the sixth child of Elizabeth and Frederick Primmerman was Hannah, who married John Mock. "Issue" went to S. Bolton. This is rather cryptic information and needs clarification. In June 7 1792 Fred Primmerman received 210 acres in lots 119--120 and a half in the parish of East Armand for 30 pounds/2/8. Reference CN 601-74, Missisquoi Hist. Soc., Stanbridge East. Death: Mary died on 18 Mar 1854 according to record 124.8, Missisquoi Historical Soc., Stanbridge East, Quebec. This may be an error in copying because this date is identical with that for the death of her daughter, Magdalena. MISC.: Is the date given for Mary's birth correct? If so and if she is the mother of Henry Mock, she would have been about 52 years old when he was born, which does not seem reasonable. There seems to be no reference for when Mary was born. A more reasonable date would be about ten years later, or around 1779.

Notes on CATHERINE MOCK by Giles Carpenter

Christiana (or Christina) and her twin sister, Catherine, were born on 21 May 1814 according to Ian R. Smith. Philipsburg Anglican Church (record from office in Granby). See Folio 85, Book 1, 1802-1825, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Philipsburg. Sponsors of the baptism were Henry and Hannah Primmerman, Conrad Primmerman, and Hannah Primmerman. Record V114-2-1, Missisquoi Hist. Soc., gave 1815 as the date of her baptism by the Rev. James Reid. Reel 124.3 and 124.4, MHS, gave the baptismal date of 25 Mar 1815.

Notes on WILLIAM HENRY MOCK by Giles Carpenter

William was born on 3 Aug 1822 according to Ian R. Smith. There is a problem about his mother's age--she would have been 52 years old at his birth, so there is confusion here.


In the Granby record office there is a record that William H. Mock, son of John, was born on 3/8/1822. (Stanbridge Anglican Church)


In the Anglican church in Potton there are some confusing records: A. Henry F. Mock, son of William Mock and Celestia, died on 24 Sep 1878. B. Eliza J. Mock, daughter of William "J" Mock and Celestia Davis, was born on 6 June 1876. C. William Mock, son of William Mock and Sarah Wilson, was born on 24 Nov 1851. Possibly William Henry had a son William, who married Celestia Davis, and their son was Henry F. Mock and their daughter was Eliza J. Mock. Or perhaps it was William Henry's grandson who married Celestia Davis.


Henry Mock died on 29 Jan 1850 at age 27 years. He lived in Bolton. Witnesses were Joseph Cooper (husband of Laney Mock) and Ismon Coons (husband of Hannah Maria Mock, Henry's sister). Of course, it is not absolutely certain that Henry and William Henry are the same individual, but the evidence is strong. Ref.: Brome County Births and Deaths, Baptist and Methodist, #124.8 in Missisquoi Historical Society, Stanbridge East, Quebec.

Notes by Giles Carpenter