Harold Wallace Mock   Parents

  BORN March 6, 1930

MARRIED October 7, 1950

Freida Jaquish Parents

  BORN May 23, 1933


Johnnie Peter Mock

Viriginia Ann Mock

Michael Wallace Mock

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Harold James Mock Born 1906

James Wallace Mock Born 1879

Joseph V Mock Born 1858

Joseph Mock Jr. Born 1817

Joseph Mock Sr. Born 1767

Johannes Valentine Mock Born 1736

Johann Georg Mack Born 1685

Jacob Mack Born 1645

Hanns Mack Born 1594

Hanns Mack

Michael Mack Born 1540

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Van Note Jaquish 'Finn' Born 1912

John Jaquish II

John Jaquish I

Places we have lived

Anniversary pictures

Pictures of Freida

Cruising on Lake Champlain

Harold and Mary taken in Willsboro, New York in 1950

Harold and Freida taken about 1972. Location unknown.


Harold and Freida Mock

This is where we started our life together. We are in front of the St. Joseph Church in Essex, New York

Harold and Freida Mock

Our wedding picture with the best man, Paul McDougal and the maid of honor, my sister Mary Mock. October 7, 1950.

Harold and Freida Mock

From left to right, ? and then Betty LaBarge, my father and mother, Harold and Isabelle, Freida and Harold. In the back row is Freida's grandparents, John and Julia Jaquish and Freida's mother,Vera Jaquish.