Elizabeth Margaretha Mock  --Parents
  BORN March 17, 1762


John Steinmetz


Hannah Steinmetz
  Born 1790
This date is a guess based on the date of her marriage. Hannah married Captain John Sawyer on 31 Oct 1813 according to Ian R. Smith.

Betsy Steinmetz
  Born 1795
This date is a guess based on the date of her marriage. Betsey married David Bice on 4 May 1817 according to Ian R. Smith.

Catherine Steinmetz
  Born 1797
This date is a wild guess based on the dates of birth of her siblings. (Giles Carpenter)

John Steinmetz
  Born 1800
The date of his birth is an estimate based upon the date of his marriage. John married Mary Carman on 26 Feb 1826 according to Ian R. Smith.

Jacob Steinmetz
  Born 1803

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Johannes Valentine Mock Born 1736
Johann Georg Mack Born 1685
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Michael Mack Born 1540



Ian R. Smith said according to "History of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties", 1891, that Elisabeth was born in 1757 in Frankfort, Germany, and that she died on 28 Mar 1838 in Highgate. Elizabeth Margaretha Mack was born on 17 Mar 1762 according to p.627 of LDS reel 1056574 for the Evangelical church in Neckartenzlingen, Germany. For additional records, see LDS reel 1056576, pages 951 (this gives her date of birth as 17 Mar 1762) and 965. Marriage: Elisabeth married John Steinmetz according to BCY. MISC.: Elisabetha Margaretha emigrated to America in 1766 with her mother and father and sister. For the references, see Anna Barbara's notes.


John Steinmetz apparently changed his name to Stimets. All of his children used the spelling Stimets according to Ian R. Smith.

Data from "Descendants of Johannes Mock" by Bernard C. Young.