George Mitchell
  BORN  1762
  DIED November 10, 1851

MARRIED  October 5, 1790

Hannah Mock  --Parents
  BORN November 25, 1767
  DIED 1813


Hannah Mitchell
  BORN  1791
  DIED March 20, 1880

MARRIED Michael Vincent June 1815

Archibald Mitchell
  BORN  1794
(Archibald married Elizabeth Van de Water on 23 Mar 1818 according to document V511-13-2, Missisquoi Historical Society, Stanbridge East, Quebec.)

James Mitchell
  BORN  1797
  DIED April 16, 1846

John Mitchell
  BORN  1798

George Mitchell
  Born 1801

Jane Elizabeth Mitchell
  BORN  August 29, 1804
  DIED  1815
According to her baptismal record, C. Stewart, Rector of Philipsburg Anglican Church. Book 1,1802-1827, St. Paul's. Folio 68.

Edward Brown Mitchell
  BORN  November 3, 1808
MARRIED Amy C. Smith

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A look into the life of George Mitchell from an article in Reflections of Yesterday, Missisquoi Historical Society-REPORTS- Volume Nineteen, 1986, pp 78-80, by Ian Smith, A decendant of Johannes Valentine Mock

Notes on Hannah Mitchell by Giles Carpenter

Notes on Jane Elizabeth Mitchell

Notes on Edward Brown Mitchell

Notes by Giles Carpenter