Coat of Arms

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Coat of Arms

Baker, John C.
Batchelder,Virginia A. (Ginny)
Batchelder, Nicholas ( Nick)
Beerwort, Johannes (John)
Benway, Jennifer J.
Benway, John R.
Benway, Kenneth J.
Benway, Steven K.
Benway, Patrica Ann
Benway, Timothy A.
Benway, Vannesa G.
Bullis, Mellisa
Carter, Giles Frederick
Brown, Clayton
Hayes, Albert Orion
Hodge, William
Jaquish, Brandon L.
Jaquish, Freida M.
Jaquish, John II
Jaquish, John I
Jaquish, Linc Barton
Jaquish, Marlene K.
Jaquish, Marcie L.
Jaquish, Patrica Ann
Jaquish, Rodger L.
Jaquish, Van Note (Finn)
Jewtraw, Isabelle
Jewtraw, John I
Jewtraw, John II
Jewtraw, Nick
Jewtraw, Richard I
Jewtraw, Richard II
Jewtraw, Tiffany
Jewtraw, William Scott
JewtrawI, William
JewtrawII, William
JewtrawIII, William( Billy)
Kent, Summer Lee
Kondilis, Nicholas
King, Dorothy Leda
King, Olive
King, Robert Ray
Lee, Brooke Elizabeth
Lee, Marcie L.
Lindsay, Wesley
Mack, Anna (1684)
Mack, Anna Catharina (1832)
Mack, Anna Margaretha (1828)
Mack, Anna Maria
Mack, Carl (1766)
Mack, Carl Wilhelm(1875)
Mack, Christian (1764)
Mack, Christoph (1759)
Mack, David (1698)
Mack, David (1732)
Mack, David (1763)
Mack, Georg Friedrich Mack (1881)
Mack, Gottfried (1803)
Mack, Gottlieb (1884)
Mack, Hanns (father)
Mack, Hanns (1594)
Mack, Hans (1651)
Mack, Hans (1597)
Mack, Hanns
Mack, Jacob (1600)
Mack, Jacob (1645)
Mack, Jacob (1681)
Mack, Jacob (1682)
Mack, Jacob Friedrich (1869)
Mack, Jakob Friedrich (1819)
Mack, johann Georg (1685)
Mack, Johann Georg (1726)
Mack, Johann Georg (1761)
Mack, Johann Georg (1787)
Mack, Johann Georg (1796)
Mack, Johann Georg (1837)
Mack, johann Jacob (1715)
Mack, johann Jacob (1719)
Mack, Johann Jacob (1752)
Mack, Johann Jacob (1792)
Mack, Johann Jacob (1809)
Mack, Johann Jacob (1823)
Mack, Johann Jakob (1772)
Mack, Johann Jakob (1795)
Mack, Jakob Friederich(1810)
Mack, Johann Jakob (1830)
Mack, Johannes (1722)
Mack, Johannes (1776)
Mack, Johannes (1682)
Mack, Johannes V.(1736)
Mack, Johann Jakob Friederich(1785)
Mack, Johann Jakob Friedrich(1841)
Mack, Johann Martin(1707)
Mack, Johann Martin(1723)
Mack, Johann Martin(1812)
Mack, Johann Michael (1722)
Mack, Johann Michael(1767)
Mack, Johann Michael(1795)
Mack, Jorg
Mack, Jorg (1660)
Mack, Jorg (1690)
Mack, Lorenz Born 1779
Mack, Ludwig Born 1798
Mack, Maria Katharina
Mack, Martin (1603)
Mack, Martin (1644)
Mack, Martin (1679)
Mack, Matthaus (1752)
Mack, Matthaus (1783)
Mack, Michael (1540)
Mack, Michael (1566)
Mack, Michael (1629)
Mack, Michael (1655)
Mack, Michael (1685)
Mack, Michael (1682)
Mack, Michael (1687)
Mack, Michael (1688)
Mack, Thomas (1684)
Mack, Wilhelm Gottlieb (1845)
Mack, Johann Martin (1723)
Mack, Johann Martin (1812)
Mitchell, George 1762
Mitchell, James 1797
Mock, Alice
Mock, Amelia Warren
Mock, Amy Alice
Mock, Andrew J.
Mock, Andrew
Mock, Anna Barbara
Mock, Anthony
Mock, Arthur H.
Mock, Arthur L.
Mock, Bertha L.
Mock, Charles L.
Mock, Christina
Mock, Dorothy R.
Mock, Elizabeth M.
Mock, Ernest
Mock, Eva
Mock, Georgeanna
Mock, George Ellsworth
Mock, George Francis
Mock, Freida M.
Mock, Hannah
Mock, Hannah Marie
Mock, Harold J.
Mock, Harold W.
Mock, Hester A.
Mock, James M.
Mock, James W.(Wally)
Mock, Johannes V.
Mock, John L.
Mock, John
Mock, Johnnie P.
Mock, Joseph Jr.
Mock, Joseph Sr.
Mock, Joseph V.
Mock, Kermit
Mock, Judith L. (Judy)
Mock, Leda Marion
Mock,( Lorie) Lorraine K.
Mock, Luella
Mock, Magdalane
Mock, Mary Emma
Mock, Mary L.
Mock, Mary Magdalen
Mock, Marion Mavis
Mock, Mary Emma
Mock, Michael W.
Mock, Orion V.
Mock, Peter
Mock, Ruth Elma
Mock, Samuel
Mock, Samuel V.
Mock, Sarah
Mock, Simon
Mock, Stephen Douglas Jr.
Mock, Stephen Douglas Sr.
Mock, Stephen Myles
Mock, Theodore (Teddy)
Mock, Thomas Henry Sr.
Mock, Virginia Ann
Mock, William Arthur (Bill)
Mock, William S.
Moses, Sarah
Peck, Henry
Peck, Julia
Pierce, Brandy V.
Pierce, Bruce W.
Pierce, Gage D.
Pierce, Lane J.
Rennel, Eva M.
Savage, John Jr.
Schmitt, Frank Sr.
Schmitt, Wallace
Snyder Christian Sr.
Tart, Harold Jr.
Tart, Harold Sr.
Veizhans Anna Judith
Weatherwax, Henry
Weatherwax, Jacob
Weatherwax, Jane
Wade, Mary Louise
Wederwachs, Alexander
Wederwachs, Hans
Wederwachs, Johann Andreas
Wederwachs, Johann Henrich Christoph
Young, Dorothy (Dot)
Young, Henry Peter
Young, Veronica (Vera)

Welcome to our family web site. For whatever reason there are times that we lose touch with cousins, nieces and nephews who have settled in other parts of the country to live their lives and raise their families.

If you are related to the Mock's or the Jaquish's you will find your name in the Family Index which will link you to your webpage. There you will see what I thought would be interesting to the rest of your relatives. If you see anything you don't like or have anything to add then let me know and I will take care of it. If I have missed anyone then let me know and I will make a page for you.

This site will allow us to keep in touch with those that we are unable to visit. If you would send me pictures and any other information you would like to share with your relatives I will put it on your webpage.

If you are not connected to us then you are welcome to come in and browse around anyway.

At the present time I have connections back to Michael Mack in the year 1540. I would like to thank Giles Carter for the information on the Mock/Mack connection, Bernard Young for information connecting my immediate family to Johannes Valentine Mock and to Art Mock for information on his family. Also Ronnie Bruno for the articles on my grandfather that appeared in the 1903 Port Kent news papers.

You can use the FAMILY INDEX on the left and go to a person you are interested in or starting with MICHAEL MACK in the year 1540 follow the links down to the present generation. On the page where you are listed as the child you can follow the links to your ancestors both paternal and maternal if I have that information. On each page you can move back to the previous page, follow another link up or down or return to this main page.

Michael Mack---Born 1540

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