Wilhelm Gottlieb Mack  ---Parents
  Born 1845 at Altenriet Germany
  Dies Jul 15, 1877

MARRIED  May 13, 1869

Carolina Paulina Rausenberger
  Born Febuary 20, 1849 at Neckartenzlingen Germany


Gottliebia Mack
  Born 1867 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Jacob Friedrich Mack
  Born 1869 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Wilhelm Gottlieb Mack
  Born November 16, 1870 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Anna Maria Mack
  Born 1872 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany
  Died 1873

Johannes Mack
  Born 1873 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany
  Died 1873

Carolina Paulina Mack
  Born Mar 4, 1875 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany
  Died 1945

Johann Martin Mack Born 1812
Johann Jacob Mack Born 1752
Johann Jacob Mack Born 1719
Johann Georg Mack Born 1685
Jacob Mack Born 1645
Hanns Mack Born 1594
Hanns Mack
Michael Mack Born 1540

Wilhelm was born on 4 Nov 1845 and died on 15 Jul 1877 according to p.871 of LDS reel 1056574.

Wilhelm married Carolina Paulina Rausenberger on 13 May 1869 according to p.073 of LDS reel 105675.

Wilhelm died on 15 Jul 1877 according to p.491 of LDS reel 1056575. He was 31 yrs 8 mos old.

Carolina Paulina Rausenberger was born on 20 Feb 1849. Her father was Johannes Rausenberger, and her mother was Justina Friedrika Kostenbacker (sp?).

Carolina married Wilhelm Gottlieb Mack on 13 May 1869 according to p.073 of LDS reel 1056575.

Carolina Paulina Rausenberger was the wife of Wilhelm Gottlieb Mack. She is mentioned in records for the births of her children, such as on pp.1000 and 1007 of LDS reel 1056574.

Wilhelm Gottlieb was born on 16 Nov 1870 according to p.1000 of LDS reel 1056574.

In Carolina Paulina husband's family record, Carolina's birth was given as 4 Mar 1875 according to p. 352 of LDS reel 1056576.
She married Jeremiah Grad on 7 Jun 1897.