Johann Jacob Mack

Johann Jakob Friederich Mack  --- Parents
  Born January 8, 1785 at Altenriet Germany
  Died May 23, 1834

MARRIED  Febuary 6, 1810

  BORN date
  DIED date


Margaretha Barbara Neuscheler
  Born May 25, 1789
  Died September 2, 1826

Anna Maria Mack
  Born 1810 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

Johann Martin Mack
  Born 1812 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1893

Lucia Barbara Mack
  Born 1815 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

Rosina Catharina Mack
  Born 1816 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1816

Regina Catharina Mack
  Born 1817 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

Jakob Friedrich Mack
  Born 1819 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

Jacobina Friederika Mack
  Born 1823 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1824

Jacobina Friederika Mack
  Born 1826 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1895

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BIRTH: Johann Jakob Friedrich was born on 8 Jan 1785. His father was

Jokob Mack and his mother was Anna Maria Veizhans.

See p.680 of LDS reel 1056574.

Jacob was confirmed early in 1799 according to p.696 of LDS reel 1056575.

DEATH: Johann Jakob Friedrich died on 23 May 1834 at 49 yrs 4 mos and 15 days. He was born on 8 Jan 1785. See p.311 of LDS reel 1056575.

MISC.: In the family record of his parents, Jakob Friedrich was listed as born on 5 Jan 1785, from p.1108 of LDS reel 1056576. In the family record for late 1795 his name was spelled Johann Jacob Friederich--p.1227. On p.0090 of reel 1056576, his birth was given as 28 Jan 1785, and he was confirmed in 1799. His father's family record is on p.1108 of LDS reel 1056576, giving his date of birth. Jakob's family record is found on p.229 of LDS reel 1056576. He was born on 8 Jan 1785 and married Margareta Barbara on 6 Feb 1810. He died on 23 May 1834.

MISC.: Margaretha Barbara Neuscheler was born on 25 May 1789, and she married Johann Jakob Friederich Mack on 6 Feb 1810. She died on 2 Sep 1826. Her father was Johann ? and her mother was Mary ?. Her surname looks something like "Neuscheler". In the death record for her daughter Regina Catharina, her name looks like Naischeler. See p.281 of LDS reel 1056575. In the death record for her daughter on 11 Jun 1824, her name is Neuscheler. See p.293 of LDS reel 1056575. Margaretha Barbara's records are found on p.229 of LDS reel 1056576.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter)