Jacob Friedrich Mack  ---Parents
  Born September 20,1869 at Neckartenzlingen,Germany
  Died on June 5, 1934

MARRIED  April 3, 1893

Friedrika Charlotta Braisch
  Born April 5, 18788 at Neckartenzlingen Germany


Unnamed Mack
  Born 1893 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany
  Dies 1893

Christoph Friedrich Mack
  Born 1870 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Jakob Friedrichb Mack
  Born 1895 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Gottlieb Albert Mack
  Born January 23, 1898 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany
  Dies 1917

Christiana Mack
  Born on October 4, 1900 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Rosa Maria Mack
  Born 1904 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Johanna Charlotta Mack
  Born November 19, 1907 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Albert Wilhelm Mack
  Born April 23,1915 at Neckartenzlingen, Germany

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Jacob Friedrich was born on 20 Sep 1869.
He married Friedrika Charlotta (surname?) on 3 April 1893.
He died on 5 Jun 1934 (?).

Jacob Friedrich was born on 20 Sep 1869 according to family records are found on the following pages.
p.0031 of LDS reel 1056576
p.285 of LDS reel 1056576
p.995 of LDS reel 1056574.

Friedrika Charlotta was born on 5 Apr 1878 and married on 3 Apr 1893.

According to her family record on p.285 of LDS reel 1056576. She died on 11 Jan 1952.

In the birth record for her son, Friedrika's surname appears somewhat like Braisch, but the spelling is still questionable. See p. 1129 of LDS reel 1056574.

Gottlieb was born on 23 Jan (?) 1898 according to his parents' family record found on p.285 of LDS reel 1056576. He was confirmed in 1912 and died on 14 Sep 1917.

Johanna Charlotta was born on 19 Nov 1907 and was confirmed in 1921 according to her parents' family record found on p.285 of LDS reel 1056576.

Albert Wilhelm was born on 23 Apr 1915 and confirmed in 1928. There are notes possibly of his marriage and of his death, but they are difficult to read.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter)