Gottlieb Mack  --Parents
  BORN September 20, 1884 at
 Neckartenzlingen Germany

MARRIED  November 25. 1909

Anna Katharina Schielinger
  BORN 1881 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1967


Gottlieb Christoph Mack
  BORN March 19, 1911 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

Lina Katharina Mack
  BORN May 14, 1913 at Neckartenzlingen Germany

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Gottlieb was born on 20 Sep 1884 and was confirmed in 1890.
See the family record on p.231 of LDS reel 1056576.
His own family record occurs on p.538 (German number) of LDS reel 1056576.
He married Anna Katharina Schielinger (sp?) on 25 Nov 1909. Gottlieb was confirmed on 21 Sep 1898 according to p.761 of LDS reel 1056576.

Anna Katharina was born on 11 Sep 1881, and she married Gottlieb Mack on 25 Nov 1909. She died on 1 Nov 1967.
See her family record on p.538 (German numbering) of LDS reel 1056576.

Gottlieb Christoph was born on 19 Mar 1911 (date?) and was confirmed in 1924. See his family's record on p.538 (German numbering) of LDS reel 1056576.

Lina? (cannot make out first name) Katharina was born on 14 May 1913 and confirmed in 1928 according to her family record found on p.538 (German numbering) of LDS reel 1056576.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter)