David Mack ---Parents
  Born April 9, 1763 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1789

MARRIED  April 7, 1785

Anna Juditha Veizhans
  Born 1762 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1820


Maria Judith Mack
  Born 1786 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 1786

Johann Jacob Mack
  Born August 3, 1787 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died November 24, 1787

Johann Jacob Mack
  Born 1788 at Neckartenzlingen Germany
  Died 178

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David Mack was born on 9 Apr 1763 according to p.628 of LDS reel 1056574 in the Evangelical church at Neckartenzlingen Germany.


Anna Judith was born on 22 Jan 1762 according to p.627 of LDS reel 1056574. Her father was David Veizhans, and her mother was Anna Maria Stauch. Anna Judith Veizhans, daughter of David Veizhans, married David Mack on 7 Apr 1785 in the Evangelical church in Neckartenzlingen according to p.1206 of LDS reel 1056575.

Johann Jacob was born on 3 Aug 1787 and died on 24 Nov 1787. See p.685 of LDS reel 1056574.

Johann Jacob Mack, whose older brother also had this name, was the son of David Mack and Judith Veizhans. He died on 12 Jan 1789 at 2 mos and 10 days. Record: p.232 of LDS reel 1056575 for Neckartenzlingen.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter).