Christoph Mack  ---Parents
  Born 1759 at Neckartenzlingen Germany


Maria Catharina Flamme
  Born 1759 at Neckartenzlingen Germany


Christina Barbara Mack
  Born 1798
  Died 1799

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Christoph Mack was born on 23 Dec 1759 according to p.622 of LDS reel 1056574 for the Evangelical church in Neckartenzlingen. Also there is an insert on p.495 of the same reel with the date of Christoph's birth.


Christoph was confirmed in 1774 according to p.670 of LDS reel 1056575. This record gives his date of birth and the names of his parents. For additional records, see LDS reel 1056576, pages 951 (in Dec 1764 he was 5 years and 0 months old), 998 (his birth date was 23 Dec 1759, and he was 7 yrs 0 mos at the time of the record), 1000 (Khristoph's date of birth was given as 23 Dec 1759, and he was 9 yrs 0 mos at the time of this record in late 1768; records for the next four years are also given on this page), 1035 (records are given for 5 yrs until the end of 1777), 1107 (records for 3 yrs ending in late 1785), 1227 (late in 1795).


Christoph Mack, son of Johann Jacob Mack, married Maria Catharina (surname unknown) on 27 Jan 1795 in the Neckartenzlingen Evangelical church. Record: p.1212 of LDS reel 1056575.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter).