Anna Mack---Parents
  BORN 1684 at Sielmingen Germany
  DIED 1755


Jacob Mack
  BORN 1681 at Sielmingen Germany
  DIED 1755


Johannes Mack
  BORN Born 1682

Jorg Mack
  BORN Born 1690

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Jorg Mack Born 1660
Michael Mack Born 1629
Hanns Mack Born 1597
Michael Mack Born 1566
Michael Mack Born 1540



Anna was born on 4 (?) Dec 1684 according to p.1148 of LDS reel 1055917 for Sielmingen.


Anna, daughter of Jorg Mack, married Jacob, son of Jacob Mack, in late 1708 according to p.123 of LDS reel 1055917.

Anna died on 1 Feb 1755 at the age of 71 years according to p.595 of LDS reel 1055919 for Sielmingen. A confusing record is found on p.246 of LDS reel 1055917. It records the death of Anna, wife of Jacob, on 16 Nov 1712. Anna was 28 years old. This is difficult to understand in view of the death of Anna in 1755.

(Notes by Giles Carpenter)