Schooner Nancy


mum dad

Lillian ( Mum ) on the schooner Nancy holding Harold James who was born April 10, 1906 on board while berthed in Burlington, Vermont.

Capt. Wally (Dad) appears to be in his late 20's in this picture. They sure were a good looking couple in their younger days.

Port Kent news for December 4, 1903.


Port Kent news for December 25, 1903.


Port Kent News on Febuary 5, 1904.

Port Kent News

Near the bottom the news item reads--Captain Wallace Mock has laid up his Schooner Nancy for the winter.

Captain Wally Mock is out with his schooner yet. Sounds like Captain Wally liked sailing his schooner. It can get very cold in December out on Lake Champlain.

One of the news clips states that Captain Wally and two of his friends went ice boat sailing on Lake Champlain and were stranded about 15 miles from home when the wind died. They came home on shank's horses arriving late in the evening, cold, hungry and weary. For those who aren't familar with shank's horses, that is another way of saying they walked home.

naughtigal Captain Mock's house on
      the shore of Lake Champlain in Essex, New York.

Captain Wally's cruiser the 'Nautigal'. She was 45 feet in length with a single engine and cruised 8 to 10 mph. Every year when the bullhead were biting the whole family would go to Port Kent and spend the weekend fishing and having a good time.

Mum and Dad's home on the shore of Lake Champlain at Essex , New York. The view from the veranda was ever changing with pleasure craft cruising by and the Essex-Charlotte ferry arriving every half hour.

Sunrise on Lake Champlain

From his veranda Captain Wally could see the sun rising over the Green Mountains of Vermont and the beginning of another day. Sloop Island on the Vermont side of the lake can be seen on the right side of the sun.