Isabelle Jewtraw  --Parents
  BORN August 2, 1908
  DIED August 1, 1988


Harold James Mock  --Parents
  BORN April 20, 1906
  DIED December 1955


Harold Wallace Mock

William Arthur Mock

Mary Louise Mock

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James Wallace Mock Born 1879
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1858
Joseph Mock Jr. Born 1875
Joseph Mock Sr. Born 1767
Joseph Valentine Mock Born 1736
Johann Georg Mack Born 1851
Jacob Mack Born 1645
Hanns Mack Born 1594
Hanns Mack
Michael Mack Born 1540

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william jewtraw II
william jewtraw I

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Read about Isabelle's cousin was the first American athlete to bring home a gold medal in the European winter olimpics in the year 1924.


Schmitt-Mock Wedding picture

Wedding picture of Frank Schmitt, Luella Mock, Isabelle Jewtraw and Harold James Mock. The year was 1929.