On the thirteenth day of September in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifteen before the subscribing Notary Public, personally appeared Barbara Mock the wife of John Beerwort of Caldwell's Manor , Yeoman, and by him accompanied to and with intents and purposes hereof authorized, who requested to take communication of the aforegoing Act and after the same being given unto them and by the said Notary in the presence of the witnesses hereinafter named, did respectively declare to have well understood it's contents and forewith did forewith voluntarily declare that they were willing to concur and unite and by these presents do concur and unite with the parties of the first part in the said aforegoing Act named in every the covenants, clauses, matters and Things therein contained by them granted, assented to and subscribed without any reservation or exception whatsoever, consenting and agreeing that the said John Beerwort and Barbara Mock jointly and severally as if they had been present at the execution thereof and had with the said parties thereto of the first part signed and subscribed the same. In testimony whereof they the said appearing have signed this Act and the said Barbara not knowing how to write hath made her usual mark, the said John Beerwort and we the said Notary and Enoch Wait and Hix Salls, the said Witnesses, have hereto (it being first duly read) Set and Subscribed our respective names the day of the year aforesaid.

      Enoch Wait                               Barbara     Mock
      HIx Salls                                       mar

                                                 L Lalane

Above transcribed from a photocopy of the original document in the possession of Herbert R. Derrick of Lennoxville, Quebec. The "Act" above mentioned, to which Barbara Mock and John Beerwort officially concurred in this document, was an agreement drawn up by Notary Lalanne in Shefford, Quebec in which the family of Johannes Mock, deceased, agreed to relinquish all claim to the family property in favor of Joseph Mock the older brother. Since Barbara Mock lived at Caldwell's Manor, a separate agreement was drawn up at that location, witnessed and signed. This agreement proves that John Beerwort's wife was Barbara Mock.